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The BINA Communications Working Group (CWG) was created to ​​​ reach out to various stakeholders in BioImaging, provide the membership with information about BINA activities and encourage them to get involved.

Activities include: keeping the BINA twitter account active, posting jobs on LinkedIn, contributing to emails to the BINA membership and promotion of educational and training events and opportunities, use multiple tools (email, BINA website, BINA membership list, social media) to connect to and maintain strong and long-lasting relationships with stakeholders across North America who are interested in BioImaging. This includes, core facility managers and staff, researchers and their lab members, corporate partners and funding agencies.


LABIxBINA 2023 - Working Group Updates

Communications Working Group video update from the LABIxBINA 2023 Conference.

2022 Annual Report

Our first Annual Report to share BINA’s highlights and achievements from the past year with the community!

BINA Flyer for your Lab or Core

Print this flyer to share BINA in your lab or core facility!

BINA 2022 Community Congress Presentation

Presentations at the BINA 2022 Community Congress from the Communications Working Group, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group, and fellow Emerging Networks.

Past Newsletters

View our newsletters from 2019 to present.