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BINA Professional Development Program

Lasted updated – 1 May 2024
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BINA will support its North American members working in Canada, Mexico and the United States to attend professional development activities within North America (or virtually, see list of pre-identified opportunities). This support takes the form of partial or full registration support only, coordinated through the organizers of the course/workshop. In unique circumstances BINA may also provide registration support for members not working in Canada, Mexico and the United States who are also members of other emerging national bioimaging networks to attend these North America-based professional development opportunities (see list of pre-identified opportunities).

Please be aware that under this Professional Development (PD) program BINA monetary support is provided through the course/workshop organizers, typically by BINA covering the awarded portion of registration expenses before applicants are billed by the organizers. BINA does not provide reimbursement of expenses directly to the course/workshop applicant. It is also important to note that BINA monetary awards are designed to cover course/workshop registration expenses. In rare cases they may cover lodging and food expenses if these are included with registration, but BINA is unable to cover travel expenses under this program. Please reach out to contact@bioimagingna.org with questions.


  • Applicant/Candidates – person attending the course/workshop and applying for BINA support
  • BINA Administrative team – BINA’s Administrator(s) who will coordinate with the course/workshop organizers and reviewers, and notify applicants of award outcomes
  • Course/workshop Organizer – Scientific or Administrative organizers of the course/workshop. Submits the course/workshop for consideration for BINA Professional Development Support.
  • Professional Development Review Committee – BINA leadership (Board and/or working group chairs) reviewing the courses/workshops submitted annually for consideration in the Professional Development Program
  • Professional Development Review Panel – BINA working group members and past PD recipients reviewing individual course/workshop applicants requesting BINA support to participate in a BINA supported Professional Development course/workshop.

Pre-identified Professional Development Activities

Any BINA member and organizer of a course/workshop is encouraged to submit their course/workshop for consideration through an announcement in our August & September newsletters. In October of each year the BINA Professional Development Review Committee reviews these submissions from the community and identifies courses/workshops to be considered for BINA support during the upcoming calendar year. In the past, BINA has supported participation in the following courses/workshops through partial or full registration support of BINA members accepted in these courses. (Applicants for BINA support are expected to be BINA members at the time of application and BINA membership is free.)

Please note, the institution hosting the course/workshop must be willing and able to provide the Morgridge Institute for Research (the administrators of the BINA CZI award) with a single invoice for the total registration amounts being covered by BINA and adjust registration billing to course/workshop participants accordingly. BINA is unable to provide reimbursement of registration expenses directly to course/workshop participants through this program.

Opportunities for BINA members based outside North America

BINA members working outside of Canada, Mexico or the US, who are members of another bioimaging network organization (eg: Latin America BioImaging, African BioImaging Consortium), may qualify for BINA support to cover registration expenses for North American-based training opportunities. These opportunities will be coordinated through the administrators of the local bioimaging network. Networks interested in collaborating in this way should contact the BINA administrative team at contact@bioimagingna.org, at least three months before the deadline for applications for the course/workshop.

Applicant Review Process

BINA works with the organizers of workshops/courses to develop a timeline so that applicants applying for BINA support will know the outcome of their BINA award prior to when final payment is required for the course/workshop. Typically the course organizers share the BINA application form with candidates that express a need for financial support in order to participate in their course/workshop. BINA’s Professional Development Review Panel for that workshop/course, reviews the applications, deliberates, and then notifies applicants by the date indicated in the application form (generally within 2 weeks of the application submission deadline depending on the number of applicants). Applicants who receive PD support will have their registration amount adjusted by the organizers, and will work with them to make payment of any final amount. If you are interested to know more about how your application is evaluated, here is a summary of the evaluation criteria shared with reviewers on the Review Panel.

Eligibility for funding after previously receiving BINA PD support: If you receive professional development support from BINA you will not be eligible to receive an additional professional development award for any courses/workshops within the same calendar year. In the subsequent calendar year, preference will be given to applicants that have not previously received professional development support. Two years after the year in which you received support, your application for future professional developments support will be treated equally with other applicants.

Under this  program BINA has supported more than 130 members to participate in the courses/workshops indicated below. Comments shared by past course participants.

Courses supported by BINA:

2024 | 2023 | 2022 | 2021

2024 courses/workshops:

BINA members can apply for Professional Development support to cover some or all of the registration fees to participate in the 2024 courses listed below. Notify the course organizers of your need for financial assistance when you apply.

2023 courses/workshops:

2022 courses/workshops (Pilot):

2021 courses/workshops (Pilot):

  • Optical Microscopy & Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences (OMIBS) at MBL Woods Hole, MA USA.
  • Microscopy, Optics & Imaging Manitoba at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.

Quotes from Past Members receiving BINA Professional Development support:

Below are some comments shared by past course participants.

  • “The OMIBS’ 2021 was a blast experience. … I am honored to be admitted to OMIBS’ 2021 and grateful for BINA’s support. The OMIBS 2021 provided me with excellent training and inserted me into a network with first-class microscopists. Now, I will extend the critical knowledge and techniques to faculty members and train a new generation of biomedical researchers in my institution.” Michael Fernandes De Almeida, Optical Microscopy & Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences 2021 – Marine Biological Laboratory participant
  • “I feel this course was transformative in terms of my approach to light microscopy as a whole!” Anonymous, Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy 2022 – Marine Biological Laboratory participant
  • “This course provided me an excellent understanding of microscopy fundamentals as well as practical knowledge to apply to my current and future research aims. It also provided me the opportunity to network with both peers and established experts.” Anonymous, Quantitative Imaging From Acquisition to Analysis 2022 -Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory participant
  • “I got hands-on experience with a variety of microscopy systems that will help me to make informed decisions about purchasing and using my own equipment in the future.” Anonymous, Quantitative Imaging From Acquisition to Analysis 2022 -Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory participant
  • “The topics reviewed during this course strongly contributed towards the reinforcement of my knowledge in key aspects of my research field, which is going to directly enhance my ability to teach and provide optical microscopy services in my community.” Alejandro Linares, Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy 2022 – Marine Biological Laboratory participant
  • “I learned that there are many ways to get involved with deep learning for image analysis in a user-friendly way! It was really helpful to get hands-on experience working with them.” Naomi Shvedov, Frontiers in Neurophotonics Summer School 2022 – Université Laval participant
  • “It has allowed me to think about the strategic challenges shared resources face and given me the tools to confront them.” Anonymous, Leadership and Management in Core Facilities 2022 – Kelloggs/Northwestern participant
  • “The Kellogg opportunity was a fantastic crash course in business for people managing core facilities and it really solidified a lot of ideas I have had over the years and provided me with tons of actionable items.” James Chambers, Leadership and Management in Core Facilities 2022 – Kelloggs/Northwestern participant

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