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Membership Benefits

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BINA Membership - what’s in it for you

First and foremost BINA Membership is free and open to anyone working in academia or industry within North America and beyond! We are an organization focused on light microscopy that is being shaped by our community of imaging scientists. Whether new trainees or long-time experts, we are interested in learning about your needs, interests, experiences, and how we can grow and support each other as an imaging community.

Being a BINA member means being a part of an inclusive community focused on delivering quality educational resources, strengthening career opportunities through training and exchange of experience, and advocating for and providing resources for the production of high quality, reproducible, quantitative imaging data. 

BINA is supporting our sister network organization Canada BioImaging by facilitating membership and communications through a unified membership submission portal. By joining BINA and indicating that you live and work in Canada, you will automatically be assigned to their membership and BINA will share your contact information with them so that you can receive country-specific information, in addition to BINA’s monthly newsletter.

BINA membership has given me access to a large community of diverse peoples, perspectives, and ideas from likeminded imaging peers and experts."

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Eduardo Rosa-Molinar

Core Facility Director & Professor, University of Kansas

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BINA Membership Type & Benefits

All Members

anyone regardless of where you live (around the world) or work (academia, industry)

receive our monthly newsletter filled with information about BINA opportunities and activities as well as conferences, workshops and job opportunities in the broader global community.

can participate in our monthly, virtual events, Exchange of Experiences, User Groups, Speaker Series – see our events page for all current opportunities

can post links to their job opening, events and/or training and education resources on our website and have it appear in these listings on a number of other affiliated network organizations through BINAs partnership with MicroscopyDB.

can have a voice in activities being undertaken by the BINA working groups by reaching out to us at contact@bioimagingna.org expressing your interest in contributing to a particular working group.

can participate in the BINA Community Congress – our hybrid event bringing BINA members together in person and via zoom to share, learn, and network

can be a part of an active global community of bioimaging scientists can develop contacts and mentorship relationships around the world

can develop contacts and mentorship relationships around the world

North American Academic members

Additional benefits for anyone living and working in Canada, Mexico or the USA and its territories for an academic institution, research center, or a not-for-profit organization

all the benefits listed above plus those below

can have your core listed in the BINA Core Facility database so that others can more easily find them and reach out for exchanges, demos and collaborations where appropriate

can participate in the BINA Professional Development Program*

can participate in the BINA in-person Exchange of Experience Program*

can participate in the BINA Regional Meeting Support Program

can receive the Michael W. Davidson Memorial Award

can receive monetary prizes for images submitted to our annual Image Contest

Members can switch between Membership Types freely as they move around the globe or between industry and academia, all we ask is that you keep your membership information updated when you make a move. You can select “Update” in the membership form when providing updated information.

* Some support through these programs may exist  for members of other national networks organizations (e.g., Latin America BioImaging, African BioImaging Consortium) to participate in US-based Professional Development and Exchange of Experience opportunities – see individual programs for details.

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It is free and open to anyone working in academia or industry within North America and beyond