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Quality Control & Data Management

Working Group
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The BINA Quality Control and Data Management Working Group (QC-DM WG) was created to help drive the North American and international imaging communities’ efforts to improve the reproducibility, comparability, downstream analysis and re-use of image data through rigorous record-keeping, quality control, and data management.

As such the QC-DM WG will concentrated its efforts in two directions:

  1. Work in close connection with similar global efforts to generate shared guidelines and usable tools to facilitate the quantitative assessment and calibration of microscope performance, rigorous record-keeping of image acquisition conditions, and management of data in a manner that facilitates connecting resulting imaging dataset with metadata describing its “provenance.”
  2. Work in close connection with the BINA Communication WG to promote the dissemination of emerging best practices to the entire imaging community in North America and at large.


Focus Issue of Nature Methods - Reporting and reproducibility in microscopy - Dec 2021

Congratulations to the Quality Control & Data Management (QCDM) Working Group, Quality Assessment and Reproducibility for Instruments & Images in Light Microscopy (QUAREP-LiMi) initiative and all the participating BINA members for producing the amazing collection of articles featured in the December Focus issue of Nature Methods!

BINA Community Conversation - January 2022

This is the recording of the presentation portion of the BINA Community Conversation in January 2022, hosted by the Quality Control and Data Management Working Group (QCDM WG). Each of the presenters shared about an article from the December 2021 FOCUS issue of Nature Methods on Reporting and Reproducibility (https://www.nature.com/collections/djiciihhjh).

Community Conversation Summary Document

This document provides an overview of the publications and resources discussed at the January Community Conversation with links for easy reference!

Metrology Suitcase

The BINA QCDM WG is working on a metrology suitcase program for the North American region