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Training & Education Resources

Due to the urgent need for virtual training materials as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, we are posting this preliminary collection of links. This list will become more complete as we receive, and have vetted, more materials. If you want to speed things up you are welcome to join the BINA Training and Education Working Group.
If you have a resource to share – submit here!

Mucus Matters - Mindy Engevik

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Document generated by Global Bioimaging to to highlight the benefits of Core Facilities “for researchers, imaging communities, industry and national funders”.
Allen Cell Structure Segmenter Tutorial
To assist biologists and computational scientists with using the Allen Cell Structure Segmenter, Allen Institute for Cell Science scientist, Melissa Hendershott, walks users through...
Andor Complete Microscopy Training Course
Series of videos covering basic microscopy through advanced techniques.
Art of Tissue Clearing from Zeiss
PDF document providing "insights and theory on optical tissue clearing. The author does not intend to replace any of the excellent and comprehensive reviews that recently appeared on...
Atlas of Bacterial & Archaeal Cell Structure
A comprehensive series of mixed-media (linked text and short videos) pages that guide you through the highest resolution world of Bacterial & Archaeal Cell Structure as observed...
Bio-image Analysis Notebooks
This collection of Python jupyter notebooks are written for Python beginners who are interested in analyzing three dimensional images of cells and tissues acquired using modern...
BioImage Informatics Index (Biii)
Many tools for BioImage Analysis are already available but information about these tools is non-uniform and often focuses on technicalities about the methods implemented rather than...
Bioimage Informatics with Fiji/ImageJ
This is a 7 sessions workshop about bioimage informatics with Fiji/ImageJ. For each session, a pdf describes the background required to understand the session topic and methods to...
BioImage.IO is a collaborative effort to bring AI models to the bioimaging community.