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BINA Metrology Suitcase Program

Be a part of the growing community that is performing quality controls and standardizations of their instruments

BINA is pleased to launch their Metrology suitcase pilot program. Modeled on a similar program initiated by the French Network for Multidimensional Optical Fluorescence Microscopy (RTmfm), we will provide a small, hard shell case containing all the tools and resources needed to conduct light source intensity/stability measurements and point spread function monitoring on light microscopy instruments. The BINA community is also being encouraged through this program to upload their data to a centralized repository being organized by QUAREP-LiMi, an international initiative interested in improving quality assessment (QA) and quality control (QC) in light microscopy. 

This program will first be put through its paces in a couple of test facilities within the BINA community to ensure the instructions and protocols are clear, and that we are providing users with realistic indication of the time commitment needed. Once any ‘wrinkles’ have been ironed out the program will be opened up to the broader community. We appreciate the interest that has been expressed in this program at the recent events that this has been shared and if you have questions and/or would like to learn more about it please contact us at contact@bioimagingna.org.

What is in the pilot case?

The protective hard shell case contains

All nestled in protective foam padding to protect it during shipping. All the instructions on how to use these components and the protocols to achieve the standardization testing will be available via this website.

Outside shell case of the Metrology SuitcasePhoto of the Inside of the Metrology Suitcase

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Thank you to our Metrology Suitcase Supporters!

BINA acknowledges and greatly appreciates the donation of components and the significant price reductions made by the following corporate contributors to this program.