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Corporate Partners

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BioImaging North America (BINA) is a network of scientists and partners spanning all sectors of the imaging and microscopy community. For researchers, working in both core facilities and individual labs, a close partnership with the companies who design and manufacture microscope hardware and software products is mutually beneficial and of critical importance. The Corporate Partners Working Group aims to build and maintain relationships with all microscopy stakeholders within these priorities: Engagement, Partnership, Development.


  • Empower industry driven efforts to engage the user community by providing a curated platform for maximum mutual impact and benefit;
  • Establish relationships between research customers using similar approaches and equipment to enhance scientific productivity;
  • Help develop and organize productive and mutually beneficial conferences and meetings for all parties.


  • Build relationships with key commercial stakeholders across the microscopy and imaging space to encourage and facilitate industry-research partnership and engagement;
  • Develop functional bi-directional transfers between providers and users of all aspects of the microscopy and imaging pipeline.


  • Identify research partners for companies to work with on a number of important areas:
    • new technologies;
    • development of more competitive products;
    • minimize cost exposure and wait time for instrument repairs;
    • improvements to instrument hardware and software;
    • facilitation of standardized performance.


Infrastructure Grants Workshop - Part 1

The Corporate Partners Working Group hosted a workshop on difference sources of funding for instrumentation and infrastructure.  Some of the presentations were recorded and are available on our YouTube channel!

Infrastructure Grants Workshop - Part 2

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