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Corporate Partners

Working Group
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BioImaging North America (BINA) is a symbiotic network of scientists and partners spanning all sectors of the imaging and microscopy community. For researchers, working in both core facilities and individual labs, a close partnership with the companies who design and manufacture microscope hardware and software products is mutually beneficial and of critical importance. The Corporate Partners Working Group aims to build and maintain relationships with all microscopy stakeholders within these priorities: Engagement & Partnership.

Engagement & Partnership

  • Building understanding of the respective challenges facing all members of the bioimaging community, including both academic and corporate partners.
  • Develop relationships with key commercial stakeholders across the microscopy and imaging space to encourage and facilitate industry-research partnership and engagement, and training;
  • Provide a platform to facilitate identification of partners for companies to work as a collective to optimize vision, utility, and functionality of current and future devices.


BINA 2022 Community Congress – Corporate Partners WG Presentation

Presentation at the BINA 2022 Community Congress from the Corporate Partners Working Group.

BINA Company Support Info Database

We are delighted to host a resource list for microscopy-related company support information, enabling researchers to quickly retrieve the information they need to reach the most appropriate person to provide them with customer support, be it for sales, service or technical support.

Please use this link to post your information if you are entering it for a company.

Please use this link if you are a researcher who would like to access company support information.

Careers Speaker Series

The BINA Corporate Partners WG is hosting a Careers Speaker Series the third Wednesday of the Month at 10 am Pacific/12 pm Central/1 pm Eastern.  Register to join us to learn about the broad range of career opportunities that are open to Imaging Scientists outside of the traditional academic pathway.

Equipment Donation – Seeding Labs Instrumental Access program

Do you have lab equipment/instruments you’d like to donate, or does your university need affordable lab equipment for teaching and research? Seeding Labs is a US-based NGO dedicated to increasing access to resources for science in parts of the world that have historically been excluded. We invite you to learn more about donations and/or apply for equipment through their Instrumental Access program, which connects universities in developing countries with high-quality laboratory equipment and supplies. Please see their website for more details.

Infrastructure Grants Workshop – Part 1

The Corporate Partners Working Group hosted a workshop on difference sources of funding for instrumentation and infrastructure.  Some of the presentations were recorded and are available on our YouTube channel!

Infrastructure Grants Workshop – Part 2

Visit the Event Page to learn more!

LABIxBINA 2023 – Corporate Partners Working Group Update

Corporate Partners Working Group video update from the LABIxBINA 2023 Conference.

Tissue-Like 3D Standard and Protocols for Microscope Quality Management

This publication spearheaded by the ABRF Light Microscopy Research Group also involved BINA leadership and members of BINA Image InformaticsCorporate Partners and Training and Education working groups. The results present a novel 3D tissue-like biologically relevant standard sample that is affordable and straightforward to prepare.