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Core Facility Leadership and Management training for BioImaging North America

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Core Facility Leadership and Management training for BioImaging North America – Developed by German BioImaging and hfp consulting, after working with many core facility members and managers across different institutes all over the world.

BioImaging North America is piloting its inaugural Professional Development Course for core facility managers and staff in North America this fall. We will be sponsoring a 4 week course on Core Facility Leadership and Management virtually, delivered by hfp consulting. 

Core facility managers and staff are often academically trained scientists who find themselves performing a variety of different ‘business-related’ roles for which they have little to no formal training in their career. This course, taught by hfp consulting trainers who are specialists in supporting scientists to improve their leadership and management skills, will provide interactive, and highly specialized training to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to perform these varied roles.

  • Target audience: Core Facility Managers and staff
  • Number of people: up to 16 participants
  • Format: Eight consecutive sessions, over 4 weeks
  • Duration: Each session will last 3.5 hours (including a break)
  • Dates: September 13 (Tues), 16 (Fri), 20 (Tues), 23 (Fri), 28 (Wed), 30 (Fri); October 4 (Tues), and 7 (Fri).
  • Time: 8 am-11:30 am Central USA Time for all sessions
  • Format: virtual via zoom
  • Price: $2,000 with the ability to apply for additional Professional Development support to attend.
  • Certificate of Completion: This will be provided to all candidates that successful complete the 28 hours of training

You will come away from this pilot having learned how to:

  • Balance your different professional roles
  • Position your facility strategically within your organization
  • Negotiate successfully with faculty, users and suppliers
  • Hire the right people
  • Creating and maintaining a productive team culture
  • Dealing with conflicts and difficult people constructively
  • Managing time effectively
  • Assigning roles and delegating tasks
  • Basics of economics and managing budgets 

Work Style

  • The training philosophy is based on ‘learning by doing’, and will strive for a highly interactive learning environment in which participants actively engage in discussions and exercises
  • Teaching and practical exercises will be balance in pairs or small group settings
  • Participants real-life cases will be used 
  • To mitigate the effects of remoteness, playful elements and tolerance of small disturbances will be accommodated
  • Each session will be moderated by three hosts, enabling a process-oriented and interactive experience
  • Materials produced during the workshop will be made available to participants

Zoom video conferencing platform will be used so a stable internet connection and installation of Zoom Client software will be necessary

Because BINA is heavily subsidizing this course participants will be expected to provide feedback and input on this pilot program and ways to refine and develop the course further to meet the needs of the North American BioImaging Core Facility community.

Important Dates

  • Applications for this training opportunity will open June 16 and will be announced in the June Newsletter
  • Applications will close on Thursday July 14, 2022, by noon Pacific Time.
  • Applicants will be notified on or before August 4, 2022 about the status of their application
  • Final payment for successful applicants will be due by check, ACH or wire transfer by August 19, 2022. Invoices will be provided (including PO number if appropriate), but payment by credit card will not be possible)

Contact us at contact@bioimagingna.org if you have questions or concerns.

Closed July 14, 2022!

Application Closed