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March Community Conversation

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Enhancing Access to New Microscopy Innovations

Optical imaging tool development is happening at ever-increasing speed. Though these tools were developed to address specific biological questions, many are much more broadly applicable. However, few of these tools are commercialized, made accessible for use by the broader biomedical community, or published with enough detail to allow for duplication. Major roadblocks in dissemination and uptake are the lack of resources, the absence of a platform for facilitating sharing and adoption, and little communication between builders and potential users of these new technologies.

In this Community Conversation we will explore how the BINA Builders Working Group can help bridge the gap between microscopy builders and biomedical scientists who are interested in accessing new technologies to advance their research. We’d like to hear what prevents builders from broadly disseminating their designs and what the pain points are for potential users. Whether you’re a builder or interested in using new technologies, this discussion is for you – join to help shape the direction of the working group!

Flyer for March 13 Community Conversation on Enhancing Access to New Microscopy Innovations

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