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Lattice Lightsheet User Group

Join us on Jun 11 at 11 AM CT

The Lattice LightSheet User Group provides a space to share successes, challenges, procedures, protocols and general advice for the relatively new technology of lattice lightsheet.  Sessions focus on various topics including: common challenges and potential solutions such as sample preparation, image analysis and data management. The group is made up of academic and industry members. This creates a space for dialog for academic researchers and LLS users to inform instrument manufacturers of current challenges and future needs. In turn, industry partners can highlight new advanced in the technology including big data analysis and inform the community where their technology developments are going in the future. This series of meetings is currently organized by Canada BioImaging (CBI) and BINA.

The cadence is the first Tuesday of the month, every two months.

Next Topic: 2024.06.11 – TBD

Past session Topics Include:

  • 2024.02.06 – 3i Lattice Lightsheet, from Andrew Barazia (Product Manger, 3i)
  • 2023.11.07 – Open Discussion
  • 2023.09.05 – ZEISS, Lattice Lightsheet 7, from Monica Kirk, Kevin O’Keefe , Kristin Elgass
  • 2023.06.13 –  BigDataProcessor2 Presentation & Demo, from Christian Tischer
  • 2023.04.04 – Tips, Challenges, & ChimeraX demo, from Brandon Scott SDSMT
  • 2023.02.07 – Kick-off Meeting

Every other first Tuesday of the month at 12 pm ET (11 CT, 10 MT, 9 PT)

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